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Special offers for a quick sale !

We can offer the following yachts for very interesting prices if you are interested in a quick purchase under special conditions: They all have still some charter obligations for the current season. But if you buy one now, you can use her in the free periods and also earn some money through her charter in this season after the sales contract, depending on the terms you have agreed by contract. The seller is willing to make some compromises to comply with your requests as far as possible.
Anything can be negotiated on-site, when you have visited the yacht. The costs for your flight to Greece and return are refunded by the seller on completion of a sale.

Please feel free to contact us any time by E-mail for further details.

Bavaria 34 - Code 2668
Year built: 2001

Special Price:  49.500 EURO
Bavaria 38 - Code 2666
Year built: 1999

Special Price:  68.500 EURO
Bavaria 44 - Code 2669
Year built: 2002

Special Price:  90.000 EURO
Gib Sea 472 - Code 2663
Year built: 1993

Special Price:  89.500 EURO
Gib Sea 472 - Code 2664
Year built: 1995

Special Price:  99.500 EURO

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