Transportation of yachts from Greece to Northern Europe*

* We regret that, for a number of reasons, we cannot
extend this transportation-service to non-customers! 

Departures almost every week


One option to send your boat from Greece to Northern Europe is to put her safely inside a RORO cargo vessel thus avoiding the exposure of the yacht to the elements and other hazards. 
Your boat travels safely INSIDE a cargo vessel on a cradle. The transportation will take 18 - 22 days. This is a little longer than road transport would take, but the reduced risk of damages should compensate for that.
The prices can compete with road transport (especially for UK and Scandinavia) and include a metal cradle that will be your property and can be used for winter storage in the country of destination.
The boat can be up to 40 tons of displacement and up to 4.5 m heigth (mast layed). Please check the table below to estimate the cost for your boat.
For other dimensions please ask for special offer. We will be glad to arrange the transport of your boat anytime.
The following prices are for the transport from Pireus, Greece, to either one of the following ports: 
Antwerp, Cork, Esbjerg, Southampton and Wallhamn.  
For other destinations please contact us.

Beam in meters Price per m length in US$
3.30m 360
3.60m 380
4.00m 400
5.00m 650


Further costs are:
- From the Athens Marina to the main port by truck  - US$ 750. 
- Cradle (custom made for your boat and dismountable - can be used later for hibernage at destination) US$ 1.200 

Example for a yacht of 10 m Length over all and a Beam of 3.30m:

Transfer from Athens to Antwerp US$ 3600
Handling of paperwork, harbour fees and MAFY US$ 850
Marina - Main Port US$ 750
Cradle US$ 1200
Total US$ 6400


Don't hesitate to ask for a quotation for the transportation of yachts bought through us. 
In some cases road tranport or hiring a crew to sail your boat to her destination can also be an option.
We regret that, for a number of reasons, we cannot extend this transportation-service to non-customers.




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